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Winner of two awards and voted among the best in early childhood education for a second year running in 2014, we're grateful to be counted as one of the best nurseries in Dubai. Scroll down to hear what real moms are saying about their experiences with Inspire, or if you'd like to take a look around, here's a short video tour of our facilities in Jumeirah!

Inspire is our second home for our kids – just love it


It’s the home away from home every parents wants for their child


We chose Inspire because of the homey atmosphere, good facilities, friendly staff, big garden, good testimonials from other parents.


We chose Inspire because of the atmosphere, the teachers, the variety between learning, play time and extra activities and size. It feels personal and my child loves coming every day!


Inspire has an American Curriculum with fantastic facilities. When we visited, the staff were so welcoming to me and my husband, which made us decide instantly on Inspire!


Inspire was the most accommodating with timings for working parents.


Inspire seems to outshine its rivals in many ways, the premises of the nursery, the facilities, the curriculum and the wonderful staff.


I believe Inspire fosters creativity and individualism more than others.


When I saw the pictures online I had a nice feeling, when I spoke with them on the phone to arrange for a walk through I had a positive feeling, when we went to visit I had a happy feeling, and seeing my son grow through the past months I have a satisfied and grateful feeling!


Friendly environment and caring staff


of the atmosphere, the teachers, the variety between learning, play time and extra activities and size. It feels personal and my child loves coming every day.


Homy atmosphere, good facilities, frendly stuff, big garden, good comments of other parents.


it was the one that made us feel most at home


It is loving and caring environment.


The facilities are varied and compound huge. Feels like home, especially the community center and basement area


I chose Inspire above other nurseries for my child because:


How well the staff know all the children. Has a very comfortable, welcoming, homely, family feel. Also love the decor/art work around. Love the Right Bite meals. Excellent range of extra curricular activities


the staff. Everyone knows your child name and is ready to help.


It offers way more than play time.


The one thing I love about Inspire is………


Diversity, no discrimination against developmentally delayed children or children with special needs! A great all inclusion nursery.


Everyone is so friendly


“I am completely delighted with the curriculum you have and you always take into consideration feedback from parents. The activities are fun..and I see a big change in Aashna…she has become more social, playful and unhesitant to play with other kids. The Diwali theme activities were so lovely, highly appreciated. Aashna is well fed, well rested & all the activities are not very exhausting for her…you guys completely take care of this!”


“It is with pleasure, I give feedback in regards to the OneTribe program which you offer for my son, Oliver. I have been very impressed with the nursery right from day one. The communication is thorough, personal and in a variety of forms on a daily basis. I love the multicultural experiences that Oliver is exposed to. He is learning a variety of languages, cultural festivals and tasting different foods. Oliver is very happy to go to nursery and his routine is applied and adjusted based on our suggestions. The teacher is very knowledgeable and I trust her completely with my son. She is informative and provides us with the necessary information on request almost immediately. We are a very happy mummy, daddy and baby!!!”

~Jess, Rudi and Oliver

“Thank you so much for providing such a nurturing environment for Henry. He has loved every second at Inspire and will miss his teachers very much. Thank you for inspiring his creativity and learning, we are forever in your debt. A truly wonderful place for a child to discover a love for learning that will last a lifetime!”


“Miss Zahida has done a wonderful job with William and all of the children in his class. When we first started after every session she would give me a verbal briefing of what he had done that day and any settling in or behavioral issues we needed to support her with at home. I was very impressed with her assessment of William and the depth of information she was able to glean after working with him for only 2 months. She has a good understanding of the type and amount of information parents wish to receive to feel comfortable about their children at nursery. We feel so blessed to have had her as William’s first nursery teacher in Dubai.”


“My dearest friends at Inspire, no matter how I try to say how thankful I am for your endless support & efforts in being who you are, words fail me..Aisha has gone through an amazing transformation since she set foot at Inspire, and she’s now a bright talkative young lady. Thanks a million my friends, and hope to see you all in the nearest future!”


“My daughter attended the summer camp at the Inspire Nursery and she felt right at home from day 1. The management and staff are always available and hands-on with regards to the children’s development and needs. My daughter was enrolled in the early morning slot (8am) and when I dropped her off (as early as 7.30am) [the team] were always at the nursery ready to welcome the parents and see that the li’ll ones were settled in. The nursery is extremely spacious, very well equipped, and brilliantly bright and offers superb indoor and outdoor playing facilities. If you haven’t been to their Open Days… I recommended as a parent that you go the next one as it offers the best opportunity to meet the team and explore the facilities!! I wish Inspire the very best for their new academic year.”


Their student to teacher ratio is outstanding…the place is spacious, well equipped with all a child would need and has plenty of parking space for us mothers.


“An all rounded 5 stars! As a parent, the areas of a nursery I focus on are; their teachers, curriculum, play areas, safety, hygiene and yes, their fees. They seem to have developed a very balanced approach to all of the above and excel wonderfully in their learn-through-play method of teaching. I love the place, because my son loves it too.”


“I don’t believe there’s a more loving, caring…daycare in Dubai. Consider myself very, very fortunate to have found this wonderful daycare for my son. They clearly love and understand the needs of every child. Way to go Inspire!!!”


“I am a mother of an 8mth old child. Iyad has never been happier since he has moved to Inspire. It is not a day care, it is actual engagement with the child. His exposure to music, water and sand play creates an excitement for him and keeps him with a lovely smile all day. I can see his development every day . I am very happy with the team in baby class, they have records on all possible insights I provide on my son including how he sleeps when he needs a pacifier, etc. They have made him feel at home. I would not trade off the positive spirit and amazing energy in this nursery for any other facility. Thank you for that!”

~Prihan Farrag

“We are very happy with Inspire. The nursery has all kinds of fun and educational activities and Samuel has great fun every day he is there. The teachers are very engaged and I know our son is well taken care of each day in the nursery.”

~Linda Asting

“Sophie loves to go to Inspire, everyday! She’s learning English, playing with other kids and has lots of fun! The garden, the house as well as the pool is wonderful! I really appreciate, that Inspire is open for all children with their different needs!”

~Kathrin Raab

“Thank you for providing Kareem with the adequate care, support and care at Inspire. Kareem feels safe, secure and loved by all the team and staff who were highly accommodating and brilliant. He has certainly been given a great foundation to build upon and nurtured with the skills to be able to adapt in “big school”. Certainly recommended.”

~Jinan Basma

“Inspire Children’s Nursery has provided our son, Mansoor, with an amazing start to his education. From the first moment we walked into the nursery, we have always felt welcome and part of the caring and nurturing atmosphere. The staff is enthusiastic, dedicated and passionate about the learning opportunities they provide and most importantly the children they teach. They are very approachable and always have time to discuss the progress of our child and any concerns we have. The classrooms are nicely decorated, the activities are fun and there is a great outdoor area. The best reward for us is having a happy, engaged and confident boy who looks forward to going to school every day.”

~Jade and Talib Al Mawali

“Our son Nicolas has turned into such a happy boy and he is everyday excited to go to Inspire. Thank you for your hard work, caring and dedication to our child.”

~Family Helayel

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