Setting In

Family-centric settling in process

When enrolling your child for the first time at nursery, we understand how overwhelming it can be to entrust new caregivers with such a precious charge. At Inspire, we are committed to making this process as smooth as possible, until both parents and children are comfortably settled.

As qualified early childhood learning professionals, many of us mothers, the members of the Inspire team provide you and your child all the time you require to settle in. The needs of our children are paramount and our teachers are trained to listen mindfully and keep a constant line of open communication, ensuring that you are kept aware of your child’s state and mindset on a day-to-day basis.

We invite new parents to first visit with their children, and then spend an increasing amount of time every day familiarizing themselves in this new environment, until the child forms a secure and safe attachment with their new caregivers. When the time is right, parents can start to leave their child with their teachers for longer and longer periods, while he or she fully settles down and starts to enjoy all the new and wonderful experiences that Inspire Children’s Nursery brings them!

For further information and resources, please check our media center for useful tips and articles, or feel free to call us to discuss your individual needs on 04-3599473.

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