one tribe

An Early Childhood Peace Education Program in Dubai


“If we are to reach real peace in the world, we shall have to begin with the children.”

~ Mahatma Gandhi



We are excited to announce the launch of our new program, OneTribe, a unique peace education program for little ones! Inspired by the UN Early Childhood Peace Consortium, and the grassroots Peace Education Project established in California over 20 years ago, OneTribe is the first of its kind in the UAE and the region, and indeed, very few exist across the world!

Designed by our early learning specialists at the nursery, this early years education program layers over our existing Creative Curriculum® and focuses on communicating peace values to young learners, promoting tolerance and understanding from the formative years through songs, stories, crafts, games & events.


Our Peace Pledge


We will join hands with all cultures and races, and promote peace and tolerance as responsible citizens of the world. You are me, I am you, we are OneTribe!

How does OneTribe help my child?

The formative years are crucial in shaping tomorrow’s adults, and research has shown that incorporating peace values in the early years promotes a child’s willingness to play with others, and, in the long term, fosters forging healthy relationships and the building of peaceful communities.

Is it a new curriculum?

At Inspire we layer OneTribe across the fundamental pillars of our highly-acclaimed Creative Curriculum®, a leading American early childhood education program, to create an enriching experiential program, which helps children explore cultural diversity through songs, stories, crafts, games & events, whilst focusing on peace values, tolerance and understanding.

What activities does it include?

A set of joyful daily and weekly rituals will be integrated into each class’ learning curriculum. Children will also have the opportunity to explore multiculturalism through books as well as diverse holiday celebrations. Integrating technology into the program, Peace Pals will see children communicating with a class in a different country via the Internet, while a strong geo-literacy layer will introduce children to habitats and ecosystems around the world.


Tribe Time

The aboriginal “Talking Stone” activity starts off each morning, followed by world songs and stories along with popular nursery rhymes and tales.


Energizing yoga and movement class which will take children on an adventure around the world with Tiny Tom.

Little Green Thumbs

Our Peace Garden will host nature exploration and activities for children as they learn all about plants and bugs!

Traveling Trekkers

Children explore balance, spatial awareness, ball skills through diverse activities from around the world.

Wonder World

A world of science and discovery awaits children with exciting experiments and material explorations.

Pots & Pans

Measure, mix, pour! What better way to learn about new cultures than the comforting aromas of delicious delicacies, made by the children themselves!


Children experiment with mark-making and learn early writing skills by exploring the visual languages of ancient civilizations.


Pretend play in our dramatic play area takes children on imaginary adventures around the world!

Great Barrier Reef

A magical underwater world awaits our young enthusiasts in the sprawling Inspire indoor play space.


The ancient tradition of story telling revived under the shadow of famous architectural wonders around the world.


Need more information?

Learn more about the OneTribe Peace Education Program, the research behind it, as well as its foundation and implementation by downloading the complete program overview pack

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