Parent Communications


At Inspire, we understand that frequent communication helps reassure parents that their child is happy and well-settled. Our teachers and managers are trained in using the Class Dojo platform, which includes a mobile app, where we can share photos and updates in a secure and safe manner, direct to parents’ phones.

Welcome to Class Dojo

At Inspire we’re using Class Dojo to build our classroom and school community

  • We’ll build a positive culture where students are engaged, encouraged, and love learning!
  • All parents are part of our classroom community, seeing what we’re learning every day.
  • How Class Dojo Works

    As a teacher we:

  • Post announcements and updates regularly on Class Story
  • Share photos and videos of our classroom activities
  • Send private messages to keep you in the loop!
  • Share events and festivities
  • Ongoing Learning Journal and Milestones
  • Students:

  • Share classwork on their own digital portfolio
  • Only family members will be able to view their work
  • What do you as parents see?

    You’ll see the Story of your child’s classroom and their journey at Inspire through:

  • Photos and videos from class
  • Important updates and announcements
  • Your child’s digital portfolio
  • Private messaging between the two of us
  • Translate any message or Class Story post into your preferred language!
  • Let’s get connected!

    In three super easy steps

    1. Download the app iOS or Android from any device

    2. Sign up as a parent

    3. Enter your code! Which we forward you.

    Let’s try it out together

    I’ll post to Class Story now

    Go on… give it a ♥ or add a 💬

    The Inspire Team is always here to help if you need anything, as well as the ClassDojo Team who can be reached at

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