Celebrating Kindness on Valentines Day

The importance of teaching kindness, love and empathy to preschoolers

By Tanya Millbourne, Early Years Teacher and Manager – Inspire Children’s Nursery, Dubai

This week, at Inspire Children’s Nursery in Dubai, we celebrate one of those few festivals that are worldwide and universal – Valentine’s Day. But the day is not just about those much-loved candies and sweets. As early years educators, we love and celebrate Valentine’s Day as is it gives parents and caregivers a great opportunity to model love and kindness with our children. Not just within our family units but to be shared with friends, teachers and with all those important people in our children’s lives including nannies and home help, too!

Helping our children understand the concepts of love and kindness from an early age instills this as a habit and lays a foundation for empathic and caring adolescents and adults. This Valentines Day let’s share the love and kindness with our little ones and all those who make their lives amazing ❤!

There are many ways to help children demonstrate that they care. One of the top Valentines Day activities for preschoolers is creating their own cards for friends, family and loved ones – a great teaching strategy, learning opportunity and fun activity for all involved. A fun craft and artistic activity, this also crosses over several areas of early years learning curriculum and goals. Even very young children can get involved with printing using their hands and feet, while older children get to work their fine motor skills with cutting, coloring and pasting activities. Explore more baby, toddler and preschooler-friendly activity ideas here with

But how can an activity as simple as creating a card carry so much value?

It is a great way to help preschoolers understand how to express love and empathy to all those around them. And creating and making cards can be taken out of the Valentine’s Day realm by explaining that we give cards to say Thank You or I Love You on many other occasions as well including birthdays, Mother’s Day, and other celebrations such as Eid, Diwali, Easter and Christmas.

Cards are a wonderful, thoughtful way of helping children understand how important it is to show those around us that we are thinking about them and that we value everyone’s feelings equally, showing appreciation and finding gestures that make those around us feel loved and special.

And as every child knows cards bring smiles and happiness as they love to receive them as much as they love to give them!

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