Celebrating Chinese New Year and Festivals across the Globe

Celebrating festivals from across our beautifully diverse globe is not just fun but also a fabulous learning opportunity for our children.

By enjoying special occasions from across the world, children become more culturally aware and learn about people through the festivals and holidays that they celebrate. Some are global and celebrated across many cultures and countries such as Christmas on December 25, whilst others are specific to a certain area and region.

Chinese New Year 3

Embracing cultural festivities is a huge part of our OneTribe program and makes Inspire

Nursery’s program stand out as a unique early years curriculum in Dubai.

These festivals are a wonderful opportunity to help children understand that we are all unique and different, while celebrating and taking joy in each other’s diversity.

At Inspire, celebrations take us on a magical journey through the world of visual arts, music, movement, dance, puppetry, language, story telling, culture, history and, of course always a favorite with all preschoolers – culinary cooking delights.

Chinese New Year 2

What better way to learn and embrace the cultural uniqueness we all share. It is a documented fact that children growing up and exposed to multi cultural environments that we find in cities such as Dubai, London and New York grow up to be tolerant understanding, with a love for all cultures within the communities that we share and call home.

Introducing our children to the many cultures we encounter right here at Inspire and the UAE from all corners of the world helps to create and develop important social skills creating true future global citizens!

And what an amazing first day and week of Chinese New Year we all shared together.

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