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Mini Masters take over Inspire Nursery this Spring!

02 Mar, 2017

A first for Dubai, Inspire Nursery’s Spring Camp 2017 presents an arts-driven early years Spring Camp experience inspired by Picasso, Van Gogh, Pollock, Warhol and Murakami, some of the greatest artists of our time. The Mini Masters Art Camp at Inspire Nursery, Dubai, running from March 26 to April 6, 2017 will immerse little learners […] ... read more

Celebrating Kindness on Valentines Day

14 Feb, 2017

The importance of teaching kindness, love and empathy to preschoolers By Tanya Millbourne, Early Years Teacher and Manager – Inspire Children’s Nursery, Dubai This week, at Inspire Children’s Nursery in Dubai, we celebrate one of those few festivals that are worldwide and universal – Valentine’s Day. But the day is not just about those much-loved […] ... read more

Celebrating Chinese New Year and Festivals across the Globe

01 Feb, 2017

Celebrating festivals from across our beautifully diverse globe is not just fun but also a fabulous learning opportunity for our children. By enjoying special occasions from across the world, children become more culturally aware and learn about people through the festivals and holidays that they celebrate. Some are global and celebrated across many cultures and […] ... read more

Gardening & Nature Studies in Nursery and Preschool

24 Jan, 2017

This week we got our gardening gloves on and stepped into nature with our little ones! Gardening and nature studies in the Early Years environment yield so much more than just giving children outdoor play times and fresh air. Gardening with our toddlers has enormous benefits for all aspects of a child’s early years development, […] ... read more

Cultural Celebration

12 Dec, 2016

Inspire reached out in partnership with parents to include them in “OneTribe,” our peace education program, which promotes multicultural awareness and self-esteem. As Early Years educators, we value the crucial role we play in preparing our students for the real world, and we aim to teach our children to accept and get along with all […] ... read more

Little Graduates

12 Jun, 2016

We know. You’re thinking that graduation is for high school or college graduates, why the need for it when children are so young? Graduation is a great time to celebrate the achievements of young children and wish them all the very best as they embark on formal education years. It is a time to take […] ... read more

Kids, Enjoy Summer in Dubai!

05 Jun, 2016

Mums, are you in Dubai with the little ones for all or part of this summer? Discover Inspire Nursery’s 2016 Summer Camp in Dubai! Our “Around the World in 40 Days” Summer Camp is back with fun learning, exciting activities and lots of splishy splashy play for an amazing summer adventure across continents over 8 […] ... read more

Folk Art Camp

12 Apr, 2016

Spring camp took a twist this year from the normal routine of sensory play experiences to creativity and cultural awareness where children explored the wonderful cultural world of Aboriginal art. Aboriginal Art has survived for over thousands of years and continues to be one of the oldest art forms practiced today. Aboriginal Art consists of […] ... read more

Happy Mother’s Day, Dubai Mums!

06 Mar, 2016

  On a beautiful Dubai spring day this week, the Inspire nursery family came together put on a wonderful Mother’s Day concert with songs, stories and yummy treats for all our amazing moms. In keeping with our nature theme and book of the month, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, each class presentation revolved around the lifecycle […] ... read more

Sports Around The World

Sports Around The World

13 Oct, 2015

During the Spring term, Inspire’s program was enriched with a vast array of sporting events. Following our ‘OneTribe’ multi-cultural program the nursery’s sport events have encompassed those played widely around the world. ... read more

Expressive Arts In The Early Years

Expressive Arts In The Early Years

13 Oct, 2015

By the age of one all children pick up brushes, crayons and pencils and spontaneously begin to scribble, paint and draw on pretty much any surface they can find. As time progresses they will begin to expand on the meaning of their scribbles and swirls. ... read more

Inspire Pilots Its New Peace Pals Program

Inspire Pilots Its New Peace Pals Program

13 Oct, 2015

Peace Pals is inspired by the incredible passion of children and their teachers across the world. 21st century teaching includes designing learning experiences that expose children to real world problems, ... read more

Teaching Children about Nature Gardening And The Environment

Teaching Children about Nature, Gardening and The Environment

12 Feb, 2015

Under the light of the moon in Dubai, nursery nature garden waited for some plants. One Sunday morning the warm sun came up, and out came some eager children. ... read more

Yoganory: Combining Stories And Songs To Teach Yoga For Babies And Toddlers

16 Nov, 2014

At Inspire Nursery we believe Yoga at an early age encourages self-esteem and body awareness with a physical activity that's not competitive. ... read more

Early Language Learning: Arabic And French Lessons For Nursery Children In Dubai

Early Language Learning: Arabic And French Lessons For Nursery Children In Dubai

09 Oct, 2014

While having over 30 nationalities within our nursery is a big positive ... read more

Early Childhood Peace Education Program, Onetribe, Launched At Inspire

Early Childhood Peace Education Program, Onetribe, Launched At Inspire

07 Sep, 2014

A unique learning program focused on diversity and peace education, ... read more

Graduation Day

Graduation Day

05 Jun, 2014

It has been a wonderful year for all of us at Inspire. Our little ones are now ready ... read more

Firemen in the house!

Firemen in the house!

04 Jun, 2014

This week the fire brigade came to visit. The firemen told the children how ... read more


Feliz Cinco De Mayo!

05 May, 2014

Spanish for the Fifth of May, Cinco de Mayo is celebrated in Mexico ... read more

Mark Making How Do Children Learn To Write

Mark Making: How Do Children Learn To Write?

24 Apr, 2014

It's an exciting moment when your child begins to experiment with different-shaped scribbles and patterns. ... read more

Spring Camp 2014

Spring Camp 2014

31 Mar, 2014

Spring camp has been full of excitement from walking the tight rope, hoop jumping ... read more

Sports Day

Sports Day

25 Mar, 2014

A fun sporting event at Inspire Children's Nursery, our traditional Sports Day is great fun and keeps the kids fit too ... read more

Mothers Day Concert

Mothers Day Concert

20 Mar, 2014

Our Mother’s Day Concert was a great opportunity to honor all our mums at Inspire Nursery ... read more

Fostering a Love of Reading

Fostering a Love of Reading!

02 Mar, 2014

At Inspire we are excited to begin sharing the love of reading with all our students, even from a young age ... read more

Going Green

Going Green

27 Feb, 2014

Being green seems like a relatively new concept to enter the national consciousness over the past ... read more

International Day

International Day

30 Jan, 2014

Inspire aims to strike a balance between introducing children to a global outlook and teaching them ... read more

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