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On behalf of the team, welcome to our web page! We are thrilled you are interested in discovering how Inspire celebrates children and the joys of life and learning. We look forward to meeting you in person and demonstrating how we work in partnership with parents to develop a community of learners in which we all learn and grow together. Managed and led by qualified educators with years of experience in the field of early education both in the UAE and the United Kingdom, the Inspire team strives to maintain international standards across all areas of practice and service delivery.

Tanya Milbourne

Nursery Manager and Teacher, Perfect Penguins of Antartica (19-24 month olds) Cache Level III Diploma in Early Years Education and Care

TanyaMilbourne Hello, Hallo and Ciao! I am the Nursery Manager and class teacher in the Bouncing Bunnies room at Inspire nursery. I am originally from London and am of Scottish, Dutch, German and Italian descent. Over the past 24 years, I have worked as an early years practitioner, SEN teacher and licensed arts therapist with children with special educational needs as well as mainstream students, working in Dubai since 1995.

My specialty lies with bringing a creative emergent curriculum via a holistic child-centered and initiated learning approach into practice within the classroom setting whilst making the experience a warm, welcome and child-friendly. In my spare time, I also work as a visual artist and puppet designer and exhibit here in Dubai at DIFC and Al Serkal Avenue. You will find the Perfect Penguins just to the left of the main Inspire house, in a beautiful converted majlis, just perfect for curious little hands and feet. Do walk over when you’re next here; we’d all love to meet you!

Warm regards,

Shirley Beckley

Teacher, Happy Hippos of Africa (3-4 year olds) Cache Level III Diploma in Early Years Education and Care

Shirley Beckley Having worked alongside inspirational and talented teachers for seven years as a KG1 Teaching Assistant at Universal American School, Dubai, Inspire’s sister school, I am honored to join the inspiring and welcoming Inspire Children’s Nursery team. I believe each child is unique and develops at their own pace. An Early Years teacher leaves an indelible impression on young minds and characters in the formative years. I embrace their natural curiosity and love for play. I love being a part of each child’s learning journey and development.

I was born and raised in one of the most beautiful cities in the world – Cape Town, South Africa. I am married and have two adult sons who live and work in South Africa. I am also the mother of three spoilt and doted upon cats. After leaving South Africa, I had the privilege of living in Cairo, Egypt for 3 years prior to moving to Dubai in 2007. I love travelling. I am also a “craft-nut” and love trying anything creative.

I have an abundance of energy and smiles. I am looking forward to a fun-filled year exploring many new learning experiences with our children. Every day is a blessing and worthy of a big smile


Laudie Habib

Teacher, Kooki Koalas of Australia (12 to 18 month olds) CACHE Level III Diploma in Early Years Education and Care

LaudieHabib Hello and thanks for looking in! My name is Laudie Habib. I am part Lebanese and part Greek. I was born in Dubai and have lived here all my life. I speak fluent English, Arabic and French. I have been in early childhood education for over 10 years, during which I have earned two diplomas, both Montessori and CACHE, with an active experience of over eight years working with young children at nurseries in Dubai. I have been a part of the Inspire family as a teacher since September 2010 and have enjoyed broadening my experience in the different areas of child development, as well as meeting new families and friends! You will find my Lovely Kooki Koalas class on the first floor at Inspire, though we maybe busy exploring the nature garden or enjoying a relaxing yoga session in our basement studio, so do come look for us and say hello!

Best regards,

Rosemary Anthony

Teacher, Busy Bees of Europe (2-3 year olds) Cache Level III

Rosemary Anthony I’m Rosemary, originally from the land of spices, India. I was raised in Qatar and India. I hold a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology. I have worked as kindergarten class teacher at the American Academy School in Qatar, followed by working as a kindergarten class teacher at Willow International School and American International School, Mozambique, Africa. I arrived in Dubai in 2013, and completed my first year of work at Inspire; it has been a privilege and pleasure working with such strong team mates at Inspire. Teaching and being around children is my passion and I consider myself lucky to have enjoyed it for the past four years. A child’s innocence and curiosity brighten up my world. My other interests include listening and enjoying music, drawing and travelling. I’m really looking forward to a fun filled and educational year!


Chloe Boughton

Teacher, Bouncing Bears of America (2-3 year olds) B.A. Art & Design, Cache Level III Diploma in Early Years Education and Care

ChloeBoughton Hello, My name is Chloe Boughton and I moved from the UK to United Arab Emirates in 2007. Being a CACHE qualified Early Years Practitioner, with a level four in Makaton sign language, I have worked in education in the UAE Emirates, teaching a variety of ages from 12 months of age all the way up to 18 years. Being a teacher it is such a blessing to be a part of a child’s early years, helping build those foundation years. My passion is to bring out the best in each child I work with, to unlock their potentials and to be a nurturing adult who sparks imagination, builds self-esteem and helps children discover the world and all it has to offer. As an early years practitioner I aspire to be instrumental in shaping future adults who will be kind and compassionate, happy and healthy, creative and mindful, as well as inspirational leaders who can enrich their own communities. I love to get messy with children and you will find a lot of sensory discovery in my classroom. Not only that I enjoy promoting recycling and creating wonderful things out rubbish with the children.

Dubai is like home for me, I met my husband of 7 years in Dubai and we were also married here. Last year, I had the opportunity to travel to South America to work with small communities teaching English and learning how to farm organically. It is important to me to be happy and healthy, being a vegan I love experimenting with food and I’m learning new things as I go, one day I hope to have my own farm! I like to set myself new challenges, especially ones that get me motivated to go to the gym! You will find me at all the obstacle races in the winter months!

Our door is always open and if you are ever upstairs come in and see the team in the Bouncing Bears of America and see what we are up to!


Yani Robinson

Teacher, Playful Pandas of Asia (3-12 month to walking) Cache Level III Diploma in Early Years Education and Care

YaniRobinson Hello from my babies and me! My name is Yani Robinson and I work in our babies room, Playful Pandas of Asia, at Inspire. I am a mother and a professional nurse, as well as holding Early Years Education qualifications. I have worked in the medical profession for almost nine years in the United Kingdom as a resident nurse in a nursing home and in a GP’s practice. During this time, my job and experience included dealing with patients and working alongside doctors and other healthcare professionals in the general practice. Working with children is not new to me as I was a regular volunteer to help out at my daughter’s school during my free time back in North Yorkshire. For me, developing a child’s education is the most rewarding job on earth and to see them happy everyday always puts a smile on my face.

I believe that children and infants need positive stimulation and it is also my objective to provide a safe, secure and happy environment for our lovely adorable babies. We have, by far, the cutest class, so do make your way to our Playful Pandas of Asia room and peep in, you may just be surprised at all the amazing activities our little ones get up to!

See you soon,

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