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Exceptional Facilities

With spacious, naturally-lit classrooms, and plenty of community spaces for the little ones to explore, Inspire is housed in a beautiful villa spanning over 17,500 sq. ft.. Our facilities include:

  • Spacious, naturally lit classrooms
  • Quiet, separate nursery for young babies
  • A large, shaded natural garden and play area
  • Nature garden for botanical activities
  • A soft-floored outdoor play area
  • Splash pool
  • Music room & yoga studio
  • Community play area with reading, arts, crafts and construction corners
  • Dramatic play area
  • Large indoor soft play area
  • Fully-equipped clinic with qualified nurse
  • A full kitchen with dining area

  • The Outdoor Space

    The Outdoor SpaceFrom the moment you arrive at Inspire, you will note that it is located on a quiet and a safe neighborhood street with ample parking, with a secure digital access system at the gate that is also minded by the Inspire guard during our various drop off and pick-up times.

    Our large outdoor play space comprises of a beautiful and spacious mature garden with natural shading in addition to the shaded play area with five centimeter thick safety flooring and our interlocking biking section. All our play equipment is imported from Denmark, designed and built according to the highest EU standards for safety.

    The Outdoor SpaceThe front play area, along with our tucked away outdoor classroom, offer many opportunities for children to develop their gross motor skills such as climbing, balancing, swinging, running, riding tricycles and more. We encourage discovery skills such as planting, watering, viewing plants and insects grow at the nature garden; sensory development with the art area, sand play and water play and finally, artistic expression in our outdoor artistic gym.

    Behind the garden is a large building that houses our indoor pool where we offer small group mommy-and-me and daddy-and-me swimming lessons by certified swimming instructors, enabling children to develop critical water safety as well as swimming techniques and skills.

    Our Interior Environment: The Main Block

    Our Interior Environment: The Main BlockYou may access our main building either from the stairs or the ramp. We have ensured that our space is fully accessible for those with strollers or mobility challenges and have included an elevator to assist, as well.

    Our Interior Environment: The Main BlockFrom the reception area, the sliding doors invite everyone into a community space, this is an informal space that is multi-functional, enabling family, staff and children to interact either by grabbing a book to read or be read to, clambering on the top of our lovely loft and crawling underneath it, or enjoying a multitude of other activities that teachers set up for the children.

    Look around and you will see bulletin boards that provide information for our parents, as well as our gallery where we proudly display the work of our children.

    Our Interior Environment: The Main BlockWe believe children should have ample space to comfortably explore their surroundings and remain stimulated and exposed to different opportunities for play, socialization and discovery. The interior space not only offers classroom settings but also three indoor play areas: the community play space and a kitchen on the ground floor, the dramatic play area on the first floor and an indoor play area, music room and yoga studio downstairs, where we offer professional music and movement sessions. This spacious basement area has a large bike track; two-level playscape, dollhouses, soft play equipment, trampoline, climbing frame, and sports games that promote skill and team spirit.

    Our Interior Environment: The Main BlockUp the bright and cheerful staircase you will find the dramatic play area that offers many opportunities for role-play among our two to four year olds: an important play activity that encourages socio-emotional development as well as interpersonal and emotional intelligence.

    Our Interior Environment: The Main BlockClassrooms are equipped with varying age-appropriate toys, educational materials, art and music activities, set up with the different “centers” – reading, blocks, art, cognitive and manipulative centers that enable the teaching staff to implement the play-based and child-centered Creative Curriculum®, exposing children to literacy, numeracy, science and more. The centers enable each child to drive his or her own learning by exploring the activity while guided by the teaching staff. Since young children tend to nap we provide individual cots and blankets for the children after lunchtime.

    Every classroom has an en-suite bathroom that is equipped to assist diapering and potty training. We work very closely with families to ensure that the children are fully supported as they gain more independence in feeding and toileting.

    Our Interior Environment: The External Block

    Our Interior Environment: The External BlockThe baby suite in the external block provides a quiet sanctuary for our babies and the little ones; the Playful Pandas class caters to our babies from three months to walking. There is a comfortable sleep room, fully equipped with individual cribs for the little ones, and the team pays particular attention to individual needs of each child. Once the children are walking confidently they graduate to the Bouncing Bunnies class next door, where they bridge the developmental gap from infancy to toddlerhood.

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